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Ack!  This is what I get for not checking LJ for over a week.  Happy Belated Birthday!  Hope it was a good one! 
Chris, I hope you had a marvelous birthday! Miss the both of you, and I'm still holding out hope to see you next summer!
Happy Birthday from Down Under!

I didn't get you a present, because you've already got the best wife in the world, and you don't want to look greedy, do you?

From Melly the PsychoKitten!
*squashed tomatoes and stew*

Hope you've had a great day!

Birthday felicitations, Mr. Dickson!
Happy Pokery Birthday!
Happy birthday Chris! Hope you are having a good one.
May your birthday shower you with kittens and triple word scores!
Have a great day, Chris.

Miss you and Meg terribly!